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Organize and manage your collection.

Watch Case is a digital organizer for your horological adventures. No matter the size of your collection, Watch Case will help you manage your watches.

I created Watch Case because I was interested in the history, design and maintenance of my collection. No two watches or collectors are the same, so I made sure Watch Case accommodates any and all information about watches you can imagine. Dates, prices, history, measurements, photos, services, warranties. You name it.

Each piece you own deserves to shine. Create galleries from photos stored on your iPhone and a Mac or take photos directly in the app. The photo on the right was taken in the old town of Barcelona a few weeks ago while I was walking my dog.

Stories are my favorite feature of Watch Case. It is a special place within the app to describe the origin of your watch, design details, moments and events that are dear to you and you associate them with that watch. Of course, that is how I use stories. You can write whatever you like!

Once your collection is up to date, Watch Case will help you understand the value of your watches, their origin, style and more. An overview of the state of your collection will be explained through graphs, charts and even a map.

Available on iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Watch Case works on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Download buttons are below.

There is way more to discover

Watch Case is full of features I hope you will enjoy discovering while using the app. However, if you would like to learn more about its features, go ahead and scroll down.

Watch Case comes with a beautiful dark and light themes and six accent colors so you can tweak the look of the app the way you want. Also, there are watch-themed icons like lume, diver and space if the default icon isn’t quite your style.

You can export PDF documentation for each of your watches. It’s perfect if you want to keep a paper copy of your collection or feel like sharing the info with a fellow watch lover or a potential buyer.

If you’re a Watch Case power user, make it truly yours by customizing every aspect of your collection. Hide, delete or edit rows you don’t need. Add new ones with your own labels and data types that fit your watch.

Once you create a perfect data structure for your new piece, you can save it and reuse it for future watches. The saved template will remember the format you created to save time when adding more watches. For example, I have a Seiko 5 template. Every time I add a new watch of that brand and model to my collection, my template pre-fills the brand, movement type, origin, water resistance and some measurements that I care about. Interesting? Find out more here.

Watch Case was built around privacy and security. All stored data is accessible only to you and will be never shared with third parties. Watch Case uses Apple Cloud to synchronize your data and the iOS app can be locked with biometrics.

From the blog

  • Problem with saving data- a bug fix has been issued
    A few days ago we discovered a bug where some users experienced problems with saving data in the Additional Information section. A fix to this issue has been shipped and once approved by Apple, it should arrive to your phones shortly.
  • Track watches you wear with Watch Case
    The just approved release of Watch Case introduces one new feature I call “On My Wrist”. You can now track watches you wear often and see the progression on a calendar graph. I hope it will not only help you decide about watches you wear and want to keep in your collection but maybe decide… Continue reading Track watches you wear with Watch Case
  • Introducing optional subscriptions
    Back in 2018 when I started drafting out Watch Case I wanted to create an app that would help me store information about my watches. It was basic and for a long time I treated it as a side project. However, after more than four years of work and lots of improvements, Watch Case has… Continue reading Introducing optional subscriptions
  • Watch Case, June update
    It has been a few months since the last noticeable update to Watch Case. The reason for that is the size of the features I wanted to add to this release. Below is a quick overview of the changes I was focusing on over the last few weeks. I really hope you find them useful.… Continue reading Watch Case, June update
  • Bookmarking, sorting and search
    Bookmarking, sorting and search are one of those features I started working on very early. It might seem like a trivial feature and might not be used that often if you collection is small. However, I know for a fact that some of the Watch Case users do own almost 100 watches so having a… Continue reading Bookmarking, sorting and search
  • Watch Case is available on Macs and iPhones
    Hi all, I was holding off with an official blog post since the Mac version took a bit longer to get approved. However, both versions- macOS and iOS are available now and you can find them on the App Store.
  • Watch Case Templates
    This feature was inspired by one of my users who owns more than 60 Hamilton watches and uses Watch Case to manage his collection for quite some time now. While in my opinion, every watch is unique, sometimes it might be easier and faster if you could re-use the fields structure and some of the… Continue reading Watch Case Templates

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