Watch Case

Watch Case is a digital case for your watch collection. It will help you track basic information about your timepieces, their services history, photo galleries and more. It is available for iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Watch Case is available on iOS and macOS and your collection will be synced between all your devices. There is a one-time payment for each version of the app and no additional features to unlock.

Watch Case Features:

  • No logins or signups. Watch Case values your privacy and the use of the app doesn’t require entering your data or creating an account. We use iCloud to manage your data.
  • Your collection is synchronized with all your devices through iCloud. It is encrypted and we have no knowledge of your collection
  • Convenient sorting mechanism allows you to find the piece you’re looking for.
  • Dark and light themes are available for iOS and macOS versions
  • Store as many timepieces as you want.
  • Export all data in a convenient, nicely designed PDF format.