Watch Case, June update

It has been a few months since the last noticeable update to Watch Case. The reason for that is the size of the features I wanted to add to this release. Below is a quick overview of the changes I was focusing on over the last few weeks. I really hope you find them useful.


This version of Watch Case adds a brand new left side column featuring Categories.

Categories are a convenient way to group your collection so watches are easier to find and manage. Your custom categories can use brand names like Seiko, Hamilton or Rolex. You can also categorize watches by their types like divers, chronographs, GMTs or use any other combination that fits your collection.

Custom Forms

As you build your collection you can now customize the form to retain watch information important to you. Use the ‘Customize Fields’ option in the Control Panel.

The flexibility of custom forms means that you can store information important to you and add, edit or hide the rows suggested by Watch Case.

UI Improvements

I focused on tidying up the interface by enabling familiar and standard behaviors of iOS such as swipe to delete. Some of the features were re-organized for easier access.

I’ve added a left side panel that groups some of the important but less used parts of the app.

Bug fixes

As always, I did my best to improve the stability and usability of Watch Case. I hope it will improve your experience of using Watch Case.


Starting from this release, Watch Case is free. My plan is to offer all of the core features introduced up to this point for free. Depending on the future plans for expanding the app, I might introduce a few new in-app purchases or subscriptions but that will cover only new features added on top of the current app.

Shipped with ❤️ by Michał Lichwa from Barcelona.

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