Watch Case for your iPhone

TLDR; Watch Case is an iOS catalog for your watch collection. Store info, photos, services and more. Export each piece as a nicely designed PDF file you can share.

A few months ago my watch collection grew and I got a hold of a few very interesting, vintage pieces. I purchased Seiko 6138-0030 from eBay and as much as the watch was authentic and in a decent condition, I started wondering how much more it would cost if the seller would clean the piece, show its servicing history and was able to provide nice looking documentation about the watch. Also, I needed a place to keep a tab on my collection and store some of the interesting info I was able to research.

At its core, the Watch Case app is an online catalog of the watches you own. All the form fields are plain text, which means entries are flexible and should accommodate different languages, currencies or information. The form is there to give an idea about possible information and nothing more. Each section has an open-ended ‘Additional Info’ field that can accomodate the history of the piece, fun facts or anything else you want to add in there.

The first version of the app is waiting to be reviewed by the Apple App Store and should be available soon.

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