Wars from Błonie

For many years, horology was considered one of the most precise and difficult branches of engineering. Reliability, scale and innovation are just the top of an iceberg for companies wanting to produce reliable and fashionable watches with automatic movements. Lots of smaller brands aren’t capable of producing their own parts and in most cases decide to outsource that part of the watchmaking process to bigger players like Seiko or ETA.

Movement ref. 2409, 17 Rubis

Why did I start describing my Wars watch by talking about horology? It is because the history of the Polish brand Błonie where Wars was manufactured, is a clear example of much effort is needed to produce a timepiece.

Photo of an old newspaper add from zegarkiipasja.pl

Polish horology started in a town called Błonie ( near Warsaw) in 1959 when the first watch was produced. It lasted for ten years and while the engineering team did everything they could to self produce on top of the initial licensing agreement with USSR, the production had to be terminated for political reasons in 1969. While the rather short history of polish horology deserves more attention and ad its own blog post, take a look at the watch I was able to get.

It has a clear resemblance to watches produced in the USSR. The watch movement is build from imported parts of a popular 2409 Kirovskie movement, the watch face and the case are simple yet but well made. They were produced in Poland and a few different variations of watch cases and watch faces were made throughout the 10 years of operation of the factory.

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