eBay My Watchbox Seiko Kakume 6138-0030

The initial disassembly.

I waited a whole five minutes before I decided to open the watch and take a look at the movement. And yeah…I didn’t stop after lifting the back cover. I didn’t have my tool box with me at that time but I still managed to take off the blue outer bezel and remove the crystal. Unfortunately while taking out the movement I removed the stem and made a mistake while doing so. I wiggled the…

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eBay Seiko Kakume 6138-0030

My first eBay watch.

I can’t say it was an impulse buy, but I wasn’t really planning in advance. I sometimes browse eBay for used Seiko 6138 or Seiko 6139 models but didn’t actually think I will find one worth buying. Somehow, this time was different and after a few exchanges with the seller to make sure that the watch runs, is authentic and wasn’t serviced for a long time, I decided to buy Seiko 6138-0030, aka Kakume. The…

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