Seiko Spirit SCVE005

I got the Seiko Spirit SCVE005 in September 2017. Now, more than a year later, I’m still not sure how I feel about the purchase. There are a few details about this piece I really love and appreciate, like its Bauhaus design,  the dark-blue accent or a beautiful, silver dial. On the other hand, it frustrates me sometimes. To the point that I am considering selling it. Here is why…

The watch is big. The case is only 40mm wide, which doesn’t make it super large on a wrist, but it is 13mm thick. A bit too thick if you ask me. There aren’t that many complications (reasons) for it to be sticking out that high and unfortunately, that is the first thing I notice when I look at it. Because of that, I can’t find a good use case for this watch. It isn’t comfortable enough when I wear it during work (I’m a programmer) so it looses its wear time to other pieces that are more comfortable.

Despite the first impression of a seemingly unnecessarily large profile, you will notice a beautiful, two-layered sandwich and lightly-brushed silver dial with dark blue accents. The brushing is done in a way that it catches your eye every time you look at the watch. The bottom layer of my SCVE005 model is dark blue applied on the off centered, circular 24h indicator and the border around the date window. The second hand is dark blue as well matching the accent color of the dial. The circular, off-centered 24h indicator is what made this watch so unique to me. One could say it is an unnecessary detail on a Bauhaus styled watch… but it makes this piece pop…and then kind of disappoints at the same time.

Why does it disappoint? Because the 24h indicator is an unnecessary detail that simply repeats the time from the primary hands. I really wish it showed a second time-zone. That would make this piece truly a killer watch. I love Seiko for their attention to detail, perfection and functionality and I can’t really understand why they didn’t build in a second time-zone mechanism into this model. 

My biggest complaint about the watch isn’t the off-centered 24h marker but the thickness of the watch and the dis-proportionate, small, 18mm lug width bracelet. The bracelet looks and feels thin and unsupportive. The gap between the case and the lugs is noticable and I feel like you’re wearing a thick and heavy watch on a strap that can’t support it well.  Fortunately, the wired lugs allow swapping the 18mm bracelet for a 20mm strap and it looks much better that way. It is just not how the watch was designed and to me it is its biggest flaw.

Despite the complaints I have about my Seiko Spirit, I still wear it pretty often and I don’t think I will be selling it anytime soon. There are lots of smaller details that bother me a bit about this piece but nothing that would be a dealbreaker. I think I’m drawn to its uniqueness. It is one of a few Bauhaus styled models that Seiko offers, and it really feels like a style departure for the brand. The watch is really well made and overall it is a great value. I should mention it features a solid and well regarded, 24-jewl 4R37A, self windeable and hackable movement, visible through a crystal window case back.

The Seiko SCVExxx line of watches is already discontinued so it is impossible to get it through an official Seiko dealer. I got one through a seller from Thailand and it wasn’t easy to find at an acceptable price. While it was in production, the was was priced around $200 and you can find it on eBay for around $700 now. Will the price go higher? I don’t think so. It is probably at its peak and its price might fluctuate as the whole market moves. 

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