Raketa Copernicus

The more I learn about watches, the more I realize that inspiration to innovate or to create something esthetically different can come from anywhere. Below is a gallery of a Raketa Copernicus from the 80s I purchased in (supposedly) NOS condition a few months ago. I don’t think that the seconds hand is original and most likely the paperwork doesn’t belong with that particular piece… but I enjoy it anyway 🙂

Raketa means ‘a rocket’ and this brand of Soviet watches has been created to commemorate the space escapades of the Soviet Union. They have lots of iconic designs and a unique idea of showing passing time. The big yellow hour hand is personifies a sun and the minute hand is a planet earth 🙂 . And that is how the whole universe is in your hands.

Also, I must say that as much as I like wearing this watch, it is a vintage piece and it has problems handling humidity. I’ve noticed that the crystal was fogging up on a few occasions during a hot summer days. I’m not sure why but there are no gaskets between the part of the case where the movement is situated and the back case.

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