My first eBay watch.

I can’t say it was an impulse buy, but I wasn’t really planning in advance. I sometimes browse eBay for used Seiko 6138 or Seiko 6139 models but didn’t actually think I will find one worth buying. Somehow, this time was different and after a few exchanges with the seller to make sure that the watch runs, is authentic and wasn’t serviced for a long time, I decided to buy Seiko 6138-0030, aka Kakume. The history of the Seiko 6138 and 6139 models is really interesting and I will definately write more about it in the future. You can see the piece I got in the photos below.

The watch I was buying was filthy. Clearly the seller didn’t care about getting more money by cleaning the case and maybe replacing the crystal.  I was a bit scared of the quality of the watch and was worried that if the outside is so dirty and scratched, the insides might be in a pretty bad shape too. On the other hand, the seller assured me that the watch and the chronograph works without issues. From the photos I could see that the movement might be a bit dirty, but there is no sign of water or mechanical damage. That was a good sign and since I wasn’t scared of cleaning it myself, I decided to purchase the piece. 

There are a few details I’ve noticed just by looking at the photos. The top chronoghraph pusher sticks out too far which means it probably isn’t original and will need to be replaced. The crystal is scratched and it will be hard to bring back to its original state so it might need a replacement too. With a watch that old, I will probably need new rubber gaskets. Depending on the state of the case, it might need to be polished too. The blue bezel insert looks OK to me, but I’m still thinking about replacing it at some point. Finally, the bracelet. It looks dirty and is scratched so it will need some work too. I don’t think I will be using it since I’m not a bracelet person but it is a part of the watch so it will need some love. 

The movement is a different story though. It looks well preserved, it keeps time and everything runs well. I don’t have a tool to check the accuracy and the frequency the movement runs with, but it is something I will have to look into at some point. I will take it for servicing in a few weeks.


Over the next few weeks I will be posting more about my new Kakume. It got pretty interesting…

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