Introducing optional subscriptions

Back in 2018 when I started drafting out Watch Case I wanted to create an app that would help me store information about my watches. It was basic and for a long time I treated it as a side project. However, after more than four years of work and lots of improvements, Watch Case has quite a few useful features that can accommodate collections of all sorts. Heck… if you don’t care about some of the Watch related jargon, the app can be useful for collections of pretty much anything. Watches, stamps, figurines, vinyl records, stones, furniture, cars……. it all can be stored and kept track off without any limits.

Back in 2017 I didn’t have a clear idea of how to monetize the app… and for quite some time I just asked for an upfront payment. It didn’t really work since my marketing efforts are close to zero and users don’t want to spend money upfront. I switched to a free model almost a year ago. Once I switched to free, I didn’t stop working on the app. I improved existing features and worked on new ones. I’ve introduced Categories so you can group similar watches and improved the experience of using Watch Case on a Mac. I cleaned up the interface to use themes with standard MacOS color and checked all fonts to improve accessibility.

This summer I decided to introduce an optional subscription payment and make a few minor changes to the functionality of the app.

First things first. When I say the subscription is optional, it means that every single feature advertised on the front page of this site is free and will remain free. There are no plans of changing that. Lets list those features just to be clear:

  • Unlimited watch entries
  • Unlimited galleries for watches
  • Flexible entries so you can add/hide and edit each row.
  • Data syncing between all of your iOS devices.
  • Templates for adding new watches
  • PDF export so you can print out your collection and store the data outside of the app
  • Basic stats so you can see an overview of your entire collection in a few simple graphs.
  • Service/warranty/documents entries.
  • Custom categories to group similar watches
  • Dark/light theme with lots of accents and alternative icons
  • Robust settings for even more control
  • Lots of small features like sorting/search/currency settings etc.

And here is what the optional- $10/year subscription gives you now:

  • Remove one banner that features other indie apps I like and watch-related publications, podcasts, etc.
  • On My Wrist- a new feature so you can track watches you wear throughout the month/3-months/this year or forever.

In the future, subscription will unlock some new features that will make using the app and managing your collection more fun. One of those features will be the ability to track watches on your wrist and seeing monthly graphs of wear time. I’m also thinking of adding widgets and maybe a more robust way of tracking the accuracy of your watch. It is all in the roadmap but I will share more details closer to the release date.

I want to keep working on Watch Case, improving the existing features and add more fun stuff so you truly can keep track of your collection in one place. Unfortunately, over the last 4 years, the app made a bit more than $100. As much as I love this project, it is time for a change.

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