February update

Towards the end of 2021 I introduced a new feature I called ‘on my wrist’. It tracks the wear time of your watches so you can make a conscious decision about keeping a piece or selling it due to no wrist time.

Due to a few requests, I decided to expand the functionality of ‘on my wrist’ so the wearer can update past/future wear dates. I think it will be quite useful since most users open the app over the weekend to update the data.

On top of the added flexibility, the ‘on my wrist’ name has been changed to wristcheck. I think it is more appropriate since that name is in use by several podcasters already.

You might notice a small Instagram icon that is available next to the ‘wristcheck’ header. It allows the user to share their monthly wear progress with fellow watch lovers. The text and tags are pre-populated based on the watch you’re wearing.

Instagram share

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