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Lots of changes coming soon.

This video shows how sorting and favoriting will work in the upcoming version of Watch Case. Each timepiece can be marked as favorited. That will help finding it while searching through your collection list on the left. Also, the first version of the sorting feature will support sorting by brand, model and caliber and will sort watches in ascending or descending order. Did I mention that the next version of Watch Case will work on…

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Watch Case- what’s next?

I’ve been thinking about what comes next for the app. The May (2019.5) release was really big and time consuming. It opened new possibilities for a few extra features and improvements. Also, the recent WWDC and announcements of Dark Theme Mode will definitely affect my work.  In June my focus is to improve on the foundation we’ve established over the last few months. Make the experience better on iPads and iPhones and focus on bugs…

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Seiko Spirit SCVE005

I got the Seiko Spirit SCVE005 in September 2017. Now, more than a year later, I’m still not sure how I feel about the purchase. There are a few details about this piece I really love and appreciate, like its Bauhaus design,  the dark-blue accent or a beautiful, silver dial. On the other hand, it frustrates me sometimes. To the point that I am considering selling it. Here is why… The watch is big. The…

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eBay My Watchbox Seiko Kakume 6138-0030

The initial disassembly.

I waited a whole five minutes before I decided to open the watch and take a look at the movement. And yeah…I didn’t stop after lifting the back cover. I didn’t have my tool box with me at that time but I still managed to take off the blue outer bezel and remove the crystal. Unfortunately while taking out the movement I removed the stem and made a mistake while doing so. I wiggled the…

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Only for special occasions.

I was a six years old boy in 1992 when my grandpa passed away.  As my dad told me, this watch was grandpa’s daily wearer for years but he stopped using it at some point. My dad didn’t know why and frankly, he forgot about the watch until we found it a few years ago. I don’t remember much of the person my grandpa was and I can’t even say I remember him wearing this…

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