Watch Case is available on Macs and iPhones

Hi all, I was holding off with an official blog post since the Mac version took a bit longer to get approved. However, both versions- macOS and iOS are available now and you can find them on the App Store.

Watch Case Templates

This feature was inspired by one of my users who owns more than 60 Hamilton watches and uses Watch Case to manage his collection for quite some time now. While in my opinion, every watch is unique, sometimes it might be easier and faster if you could re-use the fields structure and some of the… Continue reading Watch Case Templates

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Lots of changes coming soon.

This video shows how sorting and favoriting will work in the upcoming version of Watch Case. Each timepiece can be marked as favorited. That will help finding it while searching through your collection list on the left. Also, the first version of the sorting feature will support sorting by brand, model and caliber and will… Continue reading Lots of changes coming soon.