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Watch Case- what’s next?

I’ve been thinking about what comes next for the app. The May (2019.5) release was really big and time consuming. It opened new possibilities for a few extra features and improvements. Also, the recent WWDC and announcements of Dark Theme Mode will definitely affect my work.  In June my focus is to improve on the foundation we’ve established over the last few months. Make the experience better on iPads and iPhones and focus on bugs…

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Watch Case- May update

The next version of the app will be number 2019.5 but think of it as a 2.0 with lots of new features, refreshed UI, improved stability (fingers crossed) and  with a new price (Free!).  It now works on iPhones and iPads and all data you enter will be saved across all of your devices. The new version is on the App Store now. I’m curious to hear your feedback.

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