Beta tests

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to try Watch Case. This is a beta version of the app so please be patient with it 🙂 This is a complete overhaul of the previous version of the app which I released in 2018. If you want to learn more, check out features and screenshots on the front page.

FOR PREVIOUS WATCH CASE USERS: Some of you might already have watches stored on Watch Case. This new version will try to use the data you already entered. I did my best to test this data transfer, but please export your PDFs before you proceed just in case. Once you update your collection with the new version of Watch Case, you won’t be able to make changes on devices you didn’t update.

DISCLAIMER 2: In order for all the graphs to work (especially dates and prices) you will have to add them manually for each of your watches.

Once again, thank you for your time and for your feedback. If you feel like contacting me about bugs or improvements, please email me at or leave a comment here on the page.

Happy testing,


Please let me know if:

  • You find broken features and weird behavior
  • The application crashes
  • Any of the features confuse you
  • Something is misspelled
  • The app behaves unusually slow

Change log

Version 2021.1 build 6 02/02/2021

  • Fix an issue with the Overview screen. Some of you reported that the app was crashing while you had a watch in your collection but that watch had no information yet.

Version 2021.1 build 5 31/01/2021

  • Fixed sorting for watches and added one more sorting option- by date.
  • Fixed Search field and removed a bug when app was syncing on an empty search
  • Fixed “add new watch” templates. Default template is easier to trigger and when you add a new template, it will show up on a + button in a form of a menu.

Version 2021.1 build 4 28/01/2021

  • Minor interface details updates based on Vincent’s feedback
  • A few more templates for adding new watches.

Version 2021.1 build 3 27/01/2021

  • Fixed text accessory view for “Long form text” on a Mac.
  • Further improvements to templates.

Version 2021.1 build 2 27/01/2021

  • Updated unlock feature for macOS
  • Fixed crash on Statistics view when the collection is empty
  • Fixed crash on “+” button related to the new Templates Manager
  • Improved first time app sync and data migration.

Version: 2021.01.1 25/01/2021

First version with a set of features I would like to ship.

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