Watch Case Templates

This feature was inspired by one of my users who owns more than 60 Hamilton watches and uses Watch Case to manage his collection for quite some time now. While in my opinion, every watch is unique, sometimes it might be easier and faster if you could re-use the fields structure and some of the… Continue reading Watch Case Templates

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Raketa Copernicus

The more I learn about watches, the more I realize that inspiration to innovate or to create something esthetically different can come from anywhere. Below is a gallery of a Raketa Copernicus from the 80s I purchased in (supposedly) NOS condition a few months ago. I don’t think that the seconds hand is original and… Continue reading Raketa Copernicus

Seiko SNK369K1

This is not the most special or expensive watch in my collection, but I wear it every day and it never failed me. Simple and clean dial, rather small case, automatic movement and well.. that’s pretty much it. I understand that this particular style might not be exactly what you would like to wear daily… Continue reading Seiko SNK369K1

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Wars from Błonie

For many years, horology was considered one of the most precise and difficult branches of engineering. Reliability, scale and innovation are just the top of an iceberg for companies wanting to produce reliable and fashionable watches with automatic movements. Lots of smaller brands aren’t capable of producing their own parts and in most cases decide… Continue reading Wars from Błonie

Website updates

While wrapping up the Watch Case update for iOS and macOS, I decided to redo the landing page as well. It is simple but you can take a look at all the features of the new Watch Case.

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Lots of changes coming soon.

This video shows how sorting and favoriting will work in the upcoming version of Watch Case. Each timepiece can be marked as favorited. That will help finding it while searching through your collection list on the left. Also, the first version of the sorting feature will support sorting by brand, model and caliber and will… Continue reading Lots of changes coming soon.

Watch Case- May update

The next version of the app will be number 2019.5 but think of it as a 2.0 with lots of new features, refreshed UI, improved stability (fingers crossed) and  with a new price (Free!).  It now works on iPhones and iPads and all data you enter will be saved across all of your devices. The… Continue reading Watch Case- May update

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