Watch Case March Update

Needing a tool to manage your collection that would do it your way? In the March update we’ve re-worked how Tags work giving you a flexible and intuitive system to manage your watches. We simplified the iOS app navigation to make it easier to find settings and content you’re looking for. That also means we… Continue reading Watch Case March Update

wrist check

Watch Case got a new feature addition. It’s called wrist check and it tracks the watches you wear… and don’t. You can also share your worn watches on Instagram with all the necessary hashtags.

February update

Towards the end of 2021 I introduced a new feature I called ‘on my wrist’. It tracks the wear time of your watches so you can make a conscious decision about keeping a piece or selling it due to no wrist time. Due to a few requests, I decided to expand the functionality of ‘on… Continue reading February update

Problem with saving data- a bug fix has been issued

A few days ago we discovered a bug where some users experienced problems with saving data in the Additional Information section. A fix to this issue has been shipped and once approved by Apple, it should arrive to your phones shortly.

Watch Case is available on Macs and iPhones

Hi all, I was holding off with an official blog post since the Mac version took a bit longer to get approved. However, both versions- macOS and iOS are available now and you can find them on the App Store.